Vegan food entrepreneurs share their secrets to success | Zurich

By September 12, 2018

September 22


12:30 pm - 02:30 pm

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Vegan Entrepreneurs Switzerland

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Waffenplatzstr. 11

Z├╝rich, CH, 8005

Hey vegan entrepreneurs and startup founders!

Ever dreamt of your own food startup? Or did you already test your smoothie, tempeh, v-cheese, v-sausage, yogurt etc. in your own kitchen and now you want to now how start your own business? Do you ask yourself how others managed to get their idea off the ground? And do you wonder what business models exists for food startups?
Great, this meetup is for you!

For this event we invited three entrepreneurs who will share their entrepreneurial journey and valuable business advice with you

Beat Probst: is an experienced entrepreneur and knows all the ups and downs of the startup life. Among others, he was involved in the two vegan startups Captain Plant and Veeconomy. He also consults startups on their business models. But that is not all: He recently launched Sympavie/Sky Meat, a raw material for food professionals. It is made from wheat and soy proteins that can be used in a variety of ways, from meat substitutes to desserts. Beat will talk about his rich entrepreneurial experience and explain the challenges of a B2B business model.

Boris & Yves Czychowski: founders of the vegan food bar Nimmin, one of the latest startups in the Swiss market. The twins are known for their nutrition consulting under the name Polkatiwns and know everything about vegan sports nutrition. The trained dieticians recently developed the super healthy natural food bar Nimmin for people who follow healthy and sporty lifestyle. Boris and Yves will share their journey as nutrition consultants and the challenges of developing your own product.

Remo Scholz: founder of the catering Che Vegara Catering und Herr Vegara, a convenience food brand. Remo knows everything about the catering business and what it takes to set it up a successfully. He also is the proud owner of a vegan food truck which he uses for his caterings. The renovation of the truck was backed by a loyal fanbase on a crowdfunding platform. But for this vegan food pioneer a catering service isn’t enough: Under the brand name Herr Vegara he now sells vegan dressings and sweet rice pudding. During our brunch, Remo will share his knowledge about the catering business and how to introduce a new product to the B2C market.

At the meetup you will gain first-hand and practical knowledge about food startups and their business models. The speakers are here to help you with your startup (idea). Prepare your questions, learn from experts and get ready to take your idea to the next level.

We believe in vegan entrepreneurship as a driving force for change. This is a group for people who have a vegan startup or are generally interested in vegan entrepreneurship. Share your ideas, challenges and successes and learn from each other’s experiences. You don’t need to run a startup to join the brunch. But we hope you will be inspired to launch your own startup soon.

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