The vegan entrepreneurs network is dedicated to people who are hungry for change. We are a community of passionate entrepreneurs, vegan startup founders and people with an entrepreneurial mindset wanting to challenge the status quo across all industries ripe for plant-based disruption.



We organize regular networking events for (future) entrepreneurs and people interested in vegan entrepreneurship. The v-entrepreneurs initiate conversations, boost entrepreneurial power and help you to connect with other doers and innovators. Regularly, we invite dedicated speakers who share their knowledge and experience. Join our community in Berlin, Zurich, Dusseldorf, the Netherlands (moving meetups in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht), Silicon Valley, San Francisco and soon in Barcelona.

Match making

Our platform supports a new generation of entrepreneurs driven by passion and purpose for the plant-based future. We embrace daring new ideas, courageous minds and value quality At the same time, we know that being an entrepreneur can be a tough journey. Our aim is to connect the right people with each other and to create supportive relationships. Let us know who and what you are looking for and we will do our best to find the right match.

Open source

We build a strong grassroots network of vegan entrepreneurs in Europe. Through the network, we have insights about the current developments, aspiring vegan startups and latest innovations in the plant-based market. We are happy to provide you with further information and to share our knowledge with you. Moreover, everyone part of the network can start a vegan entrepreneur’s meetup in their own city. Just let us know and we will help you with the set up and promote the event in our network. 



We believe vegan entrepreneurship has the power to positively transform our society. Through a strong network, we want to accelerate the plant-based change towards a world that benefits the climate, health and animals.

Mirjam Walser

v-entrepreneurs Berlin

LinkedinVegan Strategist, co-founder v-entrepreneurs

Franziska Walser

v-entrepreneurs Switzerland

LinkedinFounder Babas Menswear, co-founder v-entrepreneurs

Willem Blom

v-entrepreneurs The Netherlands

LinkedinFounder DEPT Agency, plant-based investor

Danielle Keller

v-entrepreneurs Berlin

LinkedinDesigner & Supply Chain Specialist

Lisa Wong

v-entrepreneurs Silicon Valley

LinkedinFounder Center For Healing By Design

Jennifer Estevez

v-entrepreneurs San Francisco

LinkedinFounder OMvino & Palate Club

Astrid Prévost

v-entrepreneurs Paris

Founder Up´Swing

Nadja Hennig

v-entrepreneurs Vienna

Founding in process



Do you want to organize events in your city? Join our team and start a new v-entrepreneurs chapter wherever you are. We are here to support you. Please sign up below and we will get in touch as soon as possible. (This form is for people who want to start organizing v-entrepreneurs events themselves. For any other request please write an e-mail to or sign up to our newsletter list)