Meet & learn breakfast Zurich: High-quality branding for the vegan market

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Branding has become increasingly important in nowadays noisy world. It is especially important if you have a social business with a positiv impact for the environment, animals and the humans. The more you get seen, the bigger your impact grows. That is why our first Learn & Share breakfast is about exactly this topic: High-quality branding with a soul.

We are excited to have the very talented Kathrin from Ensouling Ideas as our guest of the the next meet & learn breakfast.

With her company Ensouling Ideas ( she supports established companies and start ups in marketing, branding and business development in order to appear on the world stage in a clear, authentic and inspired way.
Kathrin has a strong sensitivity for brands and individuals and a love for the beautiful things in life.

She holds a degree in International Business from the University of Pforzheim including semesters in Toronto, London, Paris and Zurich. She has worked in many international teams at headquarters in the luxury industry from La Prairie, IWC Schaffhausen to Bucherer.

Kathrin has a holistic approach and believes in the potential of human centered brands. She focuses on the „why”, the „how” and the „what” along with the mindset of her clients in order to unleash the full potential of their brand. In her own words “Everything needs to be aligned – thoughts (mission), words (communication) and actions (customer experience & management culture)”.

Kathrin will talk about high-quality branding strategies in a nutshell, with a special focus on sustainable, plant-based or vegan businesses. She will introduce you to one of her methods based on Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle.

This will be followed by our practical session where every participant will have the chance to develop their own “Why” based on Kathrin’s method. We will closely support you during this session as it is very intensive. Please come prepared with your idea or business to work on in the workshop.

After the event we are happy to welcome you to a co-working session at Kochstudio.

This is a very hands-on meet & learn breakfast, that is why we limited it to 15 people to ensure a high-quality event and that everybody walks away with something they can implement in their business immediately.
We take your dream of having a positive impact for this world seriously, please take your commitment as well seriously and be reliable for our earth.

We are looking forward to see you there.

All the best,
Your Swiss v-entrepreneurs team,
Franziska & Anna

pizza with vegan startups

Pizza night with vegan entrepreneurs and friends | Berlin

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After an intense series of startup talks, it’s time again to sit down and share startup stories and ideas in a more personal and relaxed environment.
It is a great opportunity to learn more about the other members and to become part of an exciting and supportive startup network where you can bring in your passion for vegan innovations and entrepreneurship. Share your plant-based business idea, ask for feedback and get inspired by some vegan entrepreneurial vibes.

Join us for a yummy PIZZA NIGHT at Pizzare, Eberswalder Str. 21, 10437 Berlin

***The owner kindly offered 20% discount on food during the event for any attendees.***
The owner turned vegan two years ago and now tries to make his menu more vegan friendly. He will share a bit of his journey and the challenges he has encountered. Please feel free to share your feedback about the vegan pizza on the menu so that he can further improve his offer.

Don’t know the place yet?
Pizzare is an exciting new fast casual pizzeria offering a tailor-made, in-front-of-you pizza. The pizza is baked with a mouthwatering perfection in in a retro designed ambiance. It is the first European fast casual pizzeria bringing high-end quality fast food to the market. All with a unique customer experience to have an artisanal style pizza craft and perfectly baked in front of them, in only about 3 minutes. We also serve an extended VEGAN & Gluten free menu. Pizzare is considered the Best Vegan Pizza in Berlin and they proudly are #1 Vegan Pizzeria on Deliveroo Berlin. More:

We’ll have to make a reservation in the restaurant so please sign-up only if you plan to attend. If your plans change then please cancel in advance so other members can attend. Thank you 🙂

We are looking forward to meeting you all. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have questions about the upcoming event. You’ll find further information about us and the network on

See you there!