Meet and Share | Zurich

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Dear Vegan Entrepreneurs!

Let’s meet for a casual evening full of networking, drinks and vegan* food. It’s about meeting like-minded people and sharing our experiences with our vegan projects, businesses or ideas.

We want to bring people together to provide support for each other on their entrepreneurial journey. Maybe you will meet your next business partner, co-founder or someone who gives you the answer to your problem that puzzled you.

If you have any questions, ideas or inputs just let us know. Don’t hesitate to bring your business cards and other vegan entrepreneurs with you.

Please RSVP if you really plan to come and change it when you can’t. Unforeseen things can always happen, we know. But the Hiltl Dachterasse is always very busy and we don’t want to preoccupy tables we end up not needing.

We are looking forward to seeing you very soon!

VEN Team Switzerland
Anna & Franzi

Info: The meetup will be in German and/or English.

*Hiltl offers an all-vegetarian menu with many vegan options.

Meet & learn breakfast Zurich: High-quality branding for the vegan market

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Branding has become increasingly important in nowadays noisy world. It is especially important if you have a social business with a positiv impact for the environment, animals and the humans. The more you get seen, the bigger your impact grows. That is why our first Learn & Share breakfast is about exactly this topic: High-quality branding with a soul.

We are excited to have the very talented Kathrin from Ensouling Ideas as our guest of the the next meet & learn breakfast.

With her company Ensouling Ideas ( she supports established companies and start ups in marketing, branding and business development in order to appear on the world stage in a clear, authentic and inspired way.
Kathrin has a strong sensitivity for brands and individuals and a love for the beautiful things in life.

She holds a degree in International Business from the University of Pforzheim including semesters in Toronto, London, Paris and Zurich. She has worked in many international teams at headquarters in the luxury industry from La Prairie, IWC Schaffhausen to Bucherer.

Kathrin has a holistic approach and believes in the potential of human centered brands. She focuses on the „why”, the „how” and the „what” along with the mindset of her clients in order to unleash the full potential of their brand. In her own words “Everything needs to be aligned – thoughts (mission), words (communication) and actions (customer experience & management culture)”.

Kathrin will talk about high-quality branding strategies in a nutshell, with a special focus on sustainable, plant-based or vegan businesses. She will introduce you to one of her methods based on Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle.

This will be followed by our practical session where every participant will have the chance to develop their own “Why” based on Kathrin’s method. We will closely support you during this session as it is very intensive. Please come prepared with your idea or business to work on in the workshop.

After the event we are happy to welcome you to a co-working session at Kochstudio.

This is a very hands-on meet & learn breakfast, that is why we limited it to 15 people to ensure a high-quality event and that everybody walks away with something they can implement in their business immediately.
We take your dream of having a positive impact for this world seriously, please take your commitment as well seriously and be reliable for our earth.

We are looking forward to see you there.

All the best,
Your Swiss v-entrepreneurs team,
Franziska & Anna

Vegan Entrepreneurs Network & Drinks I Zurich

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Hi Vegan Entrepreneurs!

Let’s meet at the Hiltl Dachterasse for a casual evening full of networking, drinks and delicious vegan* food. It’s about meeting like-minded people who have a vegan project, a business or a great idea to share. Just join the group to get inspired by other members who share their experience and thoughts or like to provide support for your entrepreneurial journey.

If you have any questions, ideas or inputs just let us know. Don’t hesitate to bring your business cards and other (future) vegan entrepreneurs with you. We are looking forward to seeing you very soon!

Info: The meetup will be in German and/or English.

*Hiltl offers an all-vegetarian menu with many vegan options.

Vegan Entrepreneurs Brunch: Special Christmas Edition I Zurich

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Lets get together and celebrate a wonderful year of inspiring vegan entrepreneurs, change makers and inspiring people.

Mirjam Monari from is preparing a traditional brunch for yo u with jam, nut butter, vegan cheese and bread from „Il pane di una volta“, delicious sweets from 2slices, coffee, tea and a warm oat bowl (costs: approx. 25CHFr.)

We will present a short retrospective about the v-entrepreneurs 2018 and give a preview about our plans for 2019. You are warmly invited to shape our year 2019 with your ideas and visions.

As usual, there will be time to mingle with like minded people and hopefully find inspiration for a new idea or project.

Let’s celebrate the end of the year together and get motivated for a new year full of adventures!

Vegan food entrepreneurs share their secrets to success | Zurich

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Hey vegan entrepreneurs and startup founders!

Ever dreamt of your own food startup? Or did you already test your smoothie, tempeh, v-cheese, v-sausage, yogurt etc. in your own kitchen and now you want to now how start your own business? Do you ask yourself how others managed to get their idea off the ground? And do you wonder what business models exists for food startups?
Great, this meetup is for you!

For this event we invited three entrepreneurs who will share their entrepreneurial journey and valuable business advice with you

Beat Probst: is an experienced entrepreneur and knows all the ups and downs of the startup life. Among others, he was involved in the two vegan startups Captain Plant and Veeconomy. He also consults startups on their business models. But that is not all: He recently launched Sympavie/Sky Meat, a raw material for food professionals. It is made from wheat and soy proteins that can be used in a variety of ways, from meat substitutes to desserts. Beat will talk about his rich entrepreneurial experience and explain the challenges of a B2B business model.

Boris & Yves Czychowski: founders of the vegan food bar Nimmin, one of the latest startups in the Swiss market. The twins are known for their nutrition consulting under the name Polkatiwns and know everything about vegan sports nutrition. The trained dieticians recently developed the super healthy natural food bar Nimmin for people who follow healthy and sporty lifestyle. Boris and Yves will share their journey as nutrition consultants and the challenges of developing your own product.

Remo Scholz: founder of the catering Che Vegara Catering und Herr Vegara, a convenience food brand. Remo knows everything about the catering business and what it takes to set it up a successfully. He also is the proud owner of a vegan food truck which he uses for his caterings. The renovation of the truck was backed by a loyal fanbase on a crowdfunding platform. But for this vegan food pioneer a catering service isn’t enough: Under the brand name Herr Vegara he now sells vegan dressings and sweet rice pudding. During our brunch, Remo will share his knowledge about the catering business and how to introduce a new product to the B2C market.

At the meetup you will gain first-hand and practical knowledge about food startups and their business models. The speakers are here to help you with your startup (idea). Prepare your questions, learn from experts and get ready to take your idea to the next level.

We believe in vegan entrepreneurship as a driving force for change. This is a group for people who have a vegan startup or are generally interested in vegan entrepreneurship. Share your ideas, challenges and successes and learn from each other’s experiences. You don’t need to run a startup to join the brunch. But we hope you will be inspired to launch your own startup soon.

Lunch & Learn: How to start your own plant-based consulting business | Zurich

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Lunch & Learn with the vegan entrepreneurs and Richard Bostock.

Richard will present the project landscape and consulting industry, and the mechanics of how they interact. It would be a high-level introduction to how projects work, the various actors (particularly consultants), jargon, benefits, and things to be aware of. The content of the presentation is applicable to any business, though the audience is specifically plant-based on this occasion.

After this talk, you will be ready to start with your own consulting business and know how to help other companies and people to become more plant-based friendly.

a) A day in the life of a consultant
b) The consultancy ecosystem
c) What drives the need for consultants?
d) Pain points experienced by consultants

// Location
We meet at the Impact Hub Zurich / Colab Zurich, on the 1st floor above the Café Auer, room C2

// How to get there
At Limmatplatz, head to the Post building. Just before the Post turn left into the Ausstellungsstrasse. Follow the street for about 100m. Pass through the archway to your left where the street takes a turn. This is the entrance the the Impact Hub (there should be a sign).

// How it works –> IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ
BYO: Bring your own lunch to the event. There are several places around the Limmatplatz who offer vegan sandwiches or take out meals such as Panini from da Marcos, Auer & Co (in the Impact Hub), Migros etc.
****Please don’t forget to RSVP for this event as the seats are limited.****

We start at 12:15. We have the room reserved until 1:30 p.m. but don’t worry if you have to leave earlier.

// About
Richard is a member of the vegan entrepreneurs network and is keen to share his profound experience with you. He believes in the power of combining our differences to create truly innovative yet simple solutions.

“I am a project management professional with 15 years’ experience, mainly in banking, also in IT, logistics, energy, retail and construction. I enjoy elaborating ideas, and of course helping turn them into reality. Thankful of having had the opportunity for travel and living within different communities, I now want to help make the world a better place by improving the vegan lifestyle. Sharing our stories and perspectives is what fuels progress, and for this reason I would like to get more involved with the vEntrepreneurs community. In particular if you are looking for a sparring partner, advice, or assistance, do get in touch!” Richard

Tempeh Burger Food Tasting with TempEco | Zurich

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Pre-Spring Vegan Entrepreneurs Lunch. Let’s come together and chat over a creative and tasty vegan dish at Elle ‘n’ Belles.
On the menu there are always two pasta dishes, seasonal dishes and the famous döner and burger.

You don’t need to run a plant based business to join us.
Just be interested in this topic and curious about to meet new people.

As we have a table reserved for us, please make sure you rsvp “yes” only if you can join us.

Thank you in advance and we are looking forward to meet you,
Franziska & Mirjam

Vor-Frühling Vegan Entrepreneurs Lunch. Wir treffen uns im Elle ‘n’ Belle, wo wir uns während einem guten und kreativen Mittagessen austauschen können. Es gibt immer zwei Pastagerichte, saisonale Gerichte, Salat oder der berühmte Döner und Burger.

Du musst kein eigenes veganes Unternehmen haben, um am Lunch teilzunehmen. Hauptsache Du bist interessiert an diesem Thema und hast Lust neue Menschen zu treffen.

Wir haben einen Tisch reserviert, deswegen bitte nur zusagen, wenn Du auch wirklich teilnehmen kannst.

Vielen Danke und bis bald, Franziska & Mirjam